SIR REG is an energetic quintett from Sweden playing Celtic rock/punk. On vocals is Brendan, an Irishman who left his hometown of Dublin to come to Sweden to fulfill his dream of putting together the most amazing band possible. Karin, the violinist, is a tiny and fiery redhead from Sweden who has a tendency to leave jaws open with her fiddle skills. The other members Erik (drums), Jesper (bass) and Chris (electric guitar) all have diverse musical backgrounds, and together as SIR REG they are having the time of their lives – making and playing music they all love.

SIR REG is a band that took a long time in the making. For almost a decade, under the name The Barcrawlers, the core of the band gigged its ass off all over Scandinavia playing Irish pub songs at every venue imaginable. It all started in 2002 when Brendan and Karin played covers and Irish traditionals at a few local bars. Brendan had just recently moved to Sweden from Ireland and was in dire need to continue doing what he loved doing back in Dublin – singing and playing.


sir reg


They hit the road with their favourite songs from bands such as The Pogues, Horslips, Flogging Molly, Blur, David Bowie, Oasis, The Beatles, The Dubliners and Dropkick Murphy's to name just a few. After many winding roads and several hundred shows under their belt, they felt content. They had achieved all that they had set out to do as a "pub-, and cover band". They decided it was about time for the next chapter - making their own music. SIR REG (pronounced "Sir. Redge") was born in early 2009.

They armed themselves with a bunch of original compositions and hit the studio to create something they would be proud of - music they would listen to themselves. With each member's individual influences thrown into a melting pot, the resulting sound was better than they had hoped for.


During the spring and summer of 2010, following the release, they played as many shows possible. In September of 2010 SIR REG went on a three week European tour supporting the American horror rockers The Misfits which broadened the SIR REG fanbase.

SIR REG's CD was voted ”Best Celtic rock and punk album of 2010” by the visitors of, and the internet radio station Paddy Rock Radio. To top it off, also voted SIR REG's CD ”Best Celtic band of 2010”.


The follow up album "A Sign Of The Times" was released in October 2011.

Once again it was voted album of the year on the internet radio station Paddy Rock Radio. It also got top scores on many other lists and when Slitz (a big Swedish men's magazine) listed the "top 100 Swedish rock bands, SIR REG was their #15 pick. 


On the radio station SiriusXM the DJ Little Steven (co founder of The E-Street Band) picked the song "Bolloxology" as one of the best songs of the year. A true honour for the band!

SIR REG in Slitz


The 3rd album "21st Century Loser" was released in April 2013 and has so far received amazing reviews from every corner of the world. For the third time in a row they achieved the album of the year on Paddy Rock!


The biggest radio station for rock music in Sweden, Bandit Rock, had SIR REG's song "Emigrate" on rotation and it became one of their 15 most played songs of 2013, even though they only picked it up in September that same year! It became so popular that Bandit nominated SIR REG in the categories "Best Swedish Album" & "Best Swedish Breakthrough Band" at the Bandit Rock Awards, the biggest rock award show in Sweden. 


Since the start back in 2009, SIR REG have had the privilege to share the stage with likes of: The Misfits, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Alter Bridge, Rob Zombie, Danko Jones, Fiddler's Green, The Real McKenzies, The Exploited and many more! 

In June 2014 the band were invited to play Sweden's biggest rock festival, Sweden Rock. A million miles away from their humble pub corner beginnings, but still feeling right at home on the big stage.


The future looks bright, with lots of upcoming recordings and live work to be done.

And the band is up and ready for it.

Let the show begin ...


Electric guitar

Chris was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and has since the age of 11 played both the guitar and the bass. He met Erik in high school where the two started playing in the same band. After graduating and the band called it quits, Chris and Erik kept in touch as they both continued playing in various constellations. When asked to play the guitar with SIR REG, Chris gladly accepted.

Vocals, Acoustic guitar

Born in Dublin Ireland, Brendan has been playing music since the age of 11 when he bought his first guitar from a school teacher for 20 quid. Bren's hunger for music and songwriting led to him joining various bands over the years in every style imaginable. His love of traditional Irish music took off after he left Ireland in early 2001 to move to Sweden. Being a stranger in a strange land, the homesickness grew steadily so he listened to Irish ballads as a form of comfort therapy. He decided to mix the traditional music of his homeland with the Britpop and rock tones of his teenage years and along with fiddler Karin Ullvin and some friends, formed SIR REG.

Favourite SIR REG song? "Golden Days"- as it reminds me of a time in life that meant a lot to me. It's about a pub in Dublin I frequented and the antics that went on there.


Karin has played mostly classical music since she picked up the violin at a young age. Her second instrument is the bassoon. She has developed an ability to fall asleep in the back seat of cars. Want to buy her a beer? Choose Kilkenny or Starbrno!

Favourite song at the moment?
"Christmas Must Be Tonight" by The Band

Favourite criminologist:
Leif GW Persson (Swe)


Born and raised in Arboga, Sweden, Erik has always been interested in music! After watching his grandpa and other people close to him playing, he finally picked up the drums at the age of 13 (after playing the Clarinet for a couple of years). Erik's wide interest in music has given him the opportunity to play with many different bands and artists within a broad spectra of genres; everything from jazz to metal (and everything in between) .
He loves songwriting, movies, psychology, his dogs, family and his studio, which he owns together with a friend in Arboga.
Favourite SIR REG song? Emigrate.
Favourite song ever? There are so many awesome songs out there. It's Impossible to pick just one!
Greatest SIR REG tour memory? The entire "European Invasion"-tour together with The Misfits and The Hat Trickers! Made some amazing new friends on that tour, one of them (Dez Cadena) even attended my wedding. Where do you see SIR REG in four years from now? We're doing what we do now, but on a much bigger scale!