New single!!

The first single off our upcoming album 
Modern Day Disgrace is out now
Breaking Down All Borders.

SIR REG at Hadirajafestivalen 2016 / Knivsta / SWE

SIR REG at Hadirajafestivalen 2016 / Knivsta / SWE




First review of our new album (in Spanish though)

SIR REG at Rock n' Ride 2016 / Malung / SWE

Rock n' Ride 2016



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Distbox (Deaf & Dumb)


Greenwall Management

We're proud to announce that we've signed with Greenwall Management, run by the very talented Erik Grönwall.
To read more, go to 


Tour de France - 2015

Cheers Monkeys Music Club, Le Charleston, Carroll's Pub, Bar Le Tigre, Dirty Old Pub, Le Rio Grande, Le Molotov, Scruffy's and most of all, a big THANK YOU to our amazing fans and friends. We had a blast touring the roads in France and Germany. Hope to see all of yous again very soon =)

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Tour de France - 2015

Soo.. We're home from our France / Germany tour now. Man, 13 crazy days. Met a bunch of new friends and a lot of old friends. We've just been home for a couple of days but we're already planning our next tour ;)

Here you can see some pics we took during the tour.. videos will be uploaded later on!



SIR REG - Snippet #3

SIR REG at Hadirajafestivalen, Knivsta. (Tour 15)

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SIR REG - Snippet #2

SIR REG in Köping, Sweden. (Tour 15)

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