SIR REG - Snippet #3

SIR REG at Hadirajafestivalen, Knivsta. (Tour 15)

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SIR REG - Snippet #2

SIR REG in Köping, Sweden. (Tour 15)

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SIR REG - Snippet #1

SIR REG in Stockholm, Ã…land, Ludvika and Malung, Sweden. (Tour 15)

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Hadirajafestivalen, Knivsta (SWE)

Just a few days left until we're turning Knivsta into a huge Irish Pub.

Be there!!


Adrenaline Cruise (Swe)

Thu, 2015-05-14 15:00 - Wed, 2015-07-15 15:00

Adrenaline cruise Video of the Year Award just announced their "Best of 2014"-lists. Guess who won the category "Video of the year"?

Drum roll.....The video for our song 'Til the Dead Come Alive!!

The video is animated and is made by Ebbe Waxin. He truly did an amazing job with it!! Check it out!

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Tour Video, Russia 2014

We did two shows in Russia with Fiddler's Green and Paddy and the Rats.

How was it? Just as wild as expected!!!!

Check out this tour diary!

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Tour Diary Summer 2014

Here's a short tour diary from our shows this summer.


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